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Lower school students smiling & working on a class assignment.
Lower school students sitting outside on stairs taking a picture together.

在mg冰球突破试玩, the elementary years are truly wondrous, and we provide our students in grades K-5 with an academic program that is developmentally appropriate, 雄心勃勃, well balanced—and joyful.

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mg冰球突破试玩, we believe authentic questioning, diverse and inclusive environments, relevant learning, 订婚, and an equitable curriculum are the keys to shaping the future of our society.

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较低的学校 News

Meet 乔Stanzione: Director of 较低的学校

Joseph Stanzione

乔Stanzione joined mg冰球突破试玩 as the Director of 较低的学校 in 2022. He previously served as the Elementary Principal and Head of Campus at The American School Foundation of Monterrey (ASFM) in Mexico. Prior to leading the Elementary division (nursery through Grade 5), Joe worked as the Assistant Principal for Grades 3, 4, 和5, and the Assistant Principal for 课程. He has also held teaching positions in Mexico and New Jersey since 1993.

Joe holds a Master’s degree in Educational 领导 from The College of New Jersey and a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Elizabethtown College. He has completed a number of certifications in instructional coaching, Responsive Classroom, 和领导能力, and has led workshops and classes on mindfulness, 茎玩, social and emotional learning, and inclusive learning environments. In addition to his professional experience, Joe is an avid soccer fan, 喜欢跑步, exploring new places, listening to podcasts, and learning every day. 

较低的学校 Office

To contact the 较低的学校, please call 215-951-2318 or email

For help with 较低的学校 招生 applications, please email

Director of 较低的学校

Daisy Curtin '11
Assistant to the Director of 较低的学校

较低的学校 Administrative Assistant